Dishwasher §   Won’t turn on ✔  RINSE AND HOLD button should not be depressed simultaneously

✔ Unit must be plugged in

✔ Make sure door is fully latched closed

✔  Try other timer setting

§   Scum on dishes ✔  Place TANG powder in the soap reservoir and run a full cycle while unit is empty
Cook Top §   Gas burner won’t light ✔  Clean burner orifice. Gas jets should be clear of cleaning product residue, grease, food, etc.
§   Electrical burner won’t heat ✔  Make sure burners were properly re-installed after cleaning
Garbage Disposal §   Makes humming noise ✔  Disposal is jammed. Remove obstacles and food material inside unit. Use a disposal allen key wrench to hand spin until grinder is free
§   No power ✔  Press reset button on bottom of unit
Heating §   Won’t turn on ✔  Check thermostat setting/change battery or unlock

✔  Unlock by pushing “NEXT” three times, then pushing “HOLD” one time

✔  Secure furnace panel

✔  Check or change filter

✔  If furnace is gas, check the pilot light. If not lit, or unsure, call PG&E to light

A/C §   Won’t turn on ✔  Check thermostat setting/change batteries

✔  Unlock by pushing “NEXT” three times, then pushing “HOLD” one time

✔ Reset circuit breaker

Electrical §   No power in bathroom or kitchen ✔  Check GFCI plugs, press TEST/RESET button on outlets

✔ Reset circuit breaker. If none look tripped, turn all on and off

§   No power in all or part of the house ✔  Reset circuit breaker. If none look tripped, turn all on and off
Garage Opener §   Door will not lift or lower ✔  Remove obstructions at the safety “eye”

✔  Check/replace batteries in remote control

Plumbing stoppages §   Drains slowly ✔  Use the disposable drain “zip” to clear obstruction (available at hardware store)

✔  Use liquid drain cleaner – follow instructions carefully

§   Toilet overflows ✔  Plunge to clear stoppage
Pests §   Ants, spiders, rodents, etc ✔  Keep home clean, and pay attention to kitchen counters and floors to prevent ants. Wipe up ant trails, remove food source. Dust, remove cobwebs to control spiders inside and in eaves. Install Ultrasonic rodent repellants – available at local hardware stores.



Should you exhaust the solutions on this list, please submit a work order. When submitting a work order, it speeds things up if make/model/type information is provided of broken item (if possible). A brief description and history of the problem should also be submitted.

Tenants are responsible for replacing all light bulbs that may burn out or break and replacing the HVAC filters every three (3) months.


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