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Hey everyone, my name is Adam and hopefully I can help you fix your garbage disposal today. I like fixing these because it’s usually very easy, there’s only a few things you need to check, and usually it’s not broken at least 90 percent of the time. So that’s probably gonna be the case for you, if you’re lucky.

First thing we’re gonna check here is, let’s say it’s not making any noise at all. You flip the switch and nothing’s happening. You may want to check if this is getting power at all. Your garbage disposal is gonna be plugged in to an outlet under the sink, so you can unplug it and put in a hairdryer or anything, test it out and see if that’s getting power. If it’s not, you need to check your circuit breaker.

Somewhere in your house you’re gonna have one of these control panels. You can see all the house wires come down into here to get the power. Inside, you see all these black breakers and hopefully yours is labeled. You’re gonna see one that is dishwasher, but it’s also the disposal. It’s in the off position so flicking it on will bring it back to power. Now, these can trip and be kinda halfway, so you’re gonna want to look. If yours looks like this, turn it all the way off and turn it all the way on.

After you reset your breaker switch you can plug it back in and try it out. And then that should fix it. If it’s still not working and not making any noise or anything, you can look underneath and see the little red button there. That’s a trip switch so when this main unit is working too hard and burns out the motor, this will trip and shut the whole thing off. So what you can do is just push it and that should reset it. It should get going. If it’s not, and it’s making a weird noise, it might be clogged. (You may choose to continue watching this video, or you could check out this other one.

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