Hello, this is Geo and believe it or not, I’m looking at a breaker box. Yes, it’s quite lovely don’t you think? I’m just showing you this because quite often when you have a breaker that has tripped and you have to reset it, you might have to look around a bit. Quite often, breaker boxes can be found behind things, such as in this case, a picture. So if you don’t know where your breaker box is, let’s say… it’s not in the basement or in a living area, well it’s most likely behind a picture because people don’t like these ugly boxes.

I just want to show you how to reset a breaker after it’s been triggered. I’m gonna open the panel and this is a typical breaker panel. Switches- some of them are doubled where you need additional current but most of them are singles. When they’re pressed in towards each other, that’s on. This one down here is actually off, it’s the bath heat and it’s been off, but you can turn it on just by going like that.

None of these, fortunately, have been triggered off, but when they are triggered off, they don’t go all the way. They actually get reset kinda halfway, so you have to be aware when you’re resetting them. Fortunately, this breaker panel has one breaker which has a reset button and we can show you how one breaks. So if I push this test button, lights will go off and this will trigger off. If you push it back in this way, things don’t go back on because it’s been triggered. What you have to do instead of just pushing it on, you actually have to push it all the way off and then reset it on. That’s how you reset a triggered breaker. Just remember that when you have to turn back on a breaker switch that’s been triggered: you have to first turn it all the way off because it usually breaks halfway, and turn it back on again. Quite often when it does trigger halfway, it’s hard to tell if they’re on, so just push it towards the on direction. If they wiggle back and forth that means that’s the one that’s triggered. So there you have it, hope this helps you.

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