Why is my toilet not working? Most toilet problems can be resolved with. a few simple fixes. Maintain optimal operation by knowing how toilet plumbing works. The moving parts include: the handle, chain, flush valve, refill tube, overflow tube and the flow tube.

Five common problems and simple fixes that you can do yourself.

Problem 1) The toilet won’t flush completely.

Why? The chain doesn’t open the flush valve. Reconnect the chain which has come loose from the arm.

Problem 2) The toilet is clogged.

Why? The drain pipe is obstructed. Use a plunger to loosen the clog.

Problem 3) The toilet will not stop running.

Why? The flush valve cannot close completely. Make sure the chain isn’t kinked and has a small amount of slack.

Problem 4) Water under tank.

Tighten the connections or replace the worn washers and sealers.

Problem 5) The tank fills slowly.

Why? The fill supply may be partially closed. Completely open the shut off valve.

If you encounter a situation which you cannot diagnose of fix, turn off the water and call maintenance.

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