Hi, my name’s Joanna Cahill and I’m the owner of Healthy Home Cleaning based in Asheville, NC. We specialize in green, non-toxic cleaning and today I’m going to teach you how to remove soap scum off our your dishes.

So today we’re gonna be using just any kind of scrubby brush that you might have around with nice, stiff bristles on it. I’ve got a couple lemons here, if you wanted to you could also use lemon juice from the grocery store. Baking soda, and a pumice stone which you can buy at any hardware store, they’re fairly cheap around $1. And vinegar, which is also really cheap and you might have it underneath your counter or you can purchase it at your local supermarket.

OK, so to remove soap scum from your dishes , all you probably need is just a little bit of baking soda. So you can go ahead and sprinkle on there and just plain old water. So go ahead and take your brush and get it damp, and then just work on scrubbing your dish. That should really be all you’re gonna need to get that soap scum off.

If you find that it’s particularly difficult and it’s not budging, then you can go ahead and turn to your lemons and your vinegar for some extra power. After you’ve got all the soap scum off, go ahead and rinse off your plate and you’ve got a nice clean plate sans the scum.

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