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Service Requests

Before submitting a service request to avoid unnecessary charges, please view the Check First page.

If you are not able to diagnose / resolve your issue, Submit a Request.

Please use that same link for questions about your lease or lease renewal too.

If you are having issues with the support system, you may email us at: or call us at: 530-757-2818.

Emailing us or calling us just adds the extra step for us where you can Submit a Request.

If you need same day support, and, it is after 3pm, please call: 866-490-9031.

Access Existing Requests 

Before placing a repair request, please visit following page

Check First

These suggestions will save you time and will keep all systems in your house running efficiently. Failure to troubleshoot maintenance issues before submitting a request may result in a charge to your account to cover repair costs.