A common question we get from property owners is about pets. Whether or not to accept pets in your rental property is a very personal thing for you and you need to work with a property manager who will respect your feelings and opinions. Some rental owners are adamant that they will only allow dogs, or maybe they’ll only allow cats and some will not take any pets at all. We understand that and we’ll always value your views.

Our job is to get your property rented quickly and also to minimize your risk. Our experience has been that property owners seem to have the best luck with just one dog. There might be requests for multiple dogs, but that can be hard. It’s a problem just accessing the property when several dogs are living there. If you need to get into the house to do repairs and there are two or three dogs at home, it can be hard. One dog provides an environment that’s easier to work with.

Usually, new rental property owners think renting to people with cats is better. We have actually had some very bad experiences with cats. There are a number of issues that can be hard to avoid. Cats will urinate in closets and ruin carpets. That causes problems for your property. Dogs are less likely to do these types of things, but they come with some risks as well. Some dogs can claw or scratch at floors and baseboards. You can assess the likelihood of such problems by meeting the dog and considering its age. Meeting the pet, or at least getting a video of the pet, will tell you what to expect.

Documentation is also important. You want to have a record of what kind of animal you’re bringing into the property. Make sure you put that into the lease as well. Provide a name and a description of the animal. Stipulate that no substitute animals are allowed. If a dog happens to pass away and your tenant wants a new dog, that’s something you can discuss later and decide whether you will allow. You don’t want to leave the lease vague because then your tenants will feel like it’s acceptable to move in any dog.

Do I Have to Allow Pets in My Davis Rental PropertyIf you have any questions about pets in your rental property, please contact us at Zabace Property Management, and we’ll help you put together a pet policy that protects your property and attracts good tenants.