FAQ – Prospective Owners 2017-05-15T23:13:07+00:00
How often will I be contacted by your company? 2017-05-10T20:29:37+00:00

Generally, we contact our owners only when needed. At a minimum, we will reach out to you for lease extensions, larger repairs and monthly accounting statements. If more contact is necessary, it will be dependent upon each situation. Regardless, we encourage owners to contact our office if they would like to speak with their Account Manager or another team member.

Will I ever need to speak directly with my tenants? 2017-03-17T20:35:23+00:00

Typically, owners are not required to speak with tenants. If owners would like to speak with tenants, we are happy to facilitate communication between both parties.

What will my property rent for? Can this change in the future? 2017-03-17T20:34:36+00:00

Rental rates are dependent on each property’s location, condition, size and availability. Because each property is unique, our team takes the time to complete a thorough inspection of the property in order to determine the best rate. At the beginning of each year, our accounting department does an annual market assessment to give owners insight into the property’s future value.

When will I receive rent payments? 2017-09-11T18:46:17+00:00

Our team works diligently to deliver payments in a timely manner. Please see below for a timeline summary of our monthly payment calendar:

1st: Rent is due for all tenants

3rd-5th: All rent should be collected from tenants

6th-9th: Bills are processed and payments for vendors are completed

10th, 11th, 12th: Owners are paid

We do ask that our owners take weekends and holidays into consideration upon completion of each payment.

What are your management fees? 2017-05-11T06:03:28+00:00

Our management fees can vary depending on the property. We only charge a certain percentage of the monthly rent, we don’t charge extra for specialty services like other property management companies do. Our services include, but are not limited to, collecting rent, billing utilities to tenants, leasing, scheduling maintenance and repairs. We do not charge any additional fees for any of these services.

Will there be more than one person handling my property? 2017-05-10T20:46:09+00:00

Here at Zabace, we work as a team to provide the best property management service to our property owners. Primarily, one of our Account Managers or Account Coordinators will be assigned to a property and will serve as the owner’s direct contact for detailed questions and concerns. We encourage all of our future and current owners to check out our “People” page, which lists our team of Account Managers, as well as our other staff members. If you are unsure which Account Manager has been assigned to your property, please do not hesitate to email support@zabace.com. We are happy to help you connect with the appropriate contact as necessary. 

Help…I need after hours assistance! 2017-05-10T20:56:47+00:00

During regular business hours, our office can be reached at (530) 757-2818. If you are trying to reach someone specific, you will be prompted to enter their extension and you can leave them a voicemail directly. If you need to reach us in the evening or on a holiday, you can also dial (866) 490-9031 and your call will be taken and forwarded to the appropriate person.

If it is an truly emergency, please call (800) 490-9031 and indicate the matter to the answering service and the Account Manager who is on call will be in contact with you.

What is the Davis Rental Ordinance? 2017-05-11T17:26:09+00:00

Please fill out your information in the mailing list below to receive occasional updates about the Davis Rental Ordinance that was passed by City Council in early 2017.

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Information regarding Fair Housing Services in Davis can be found here.

What’s a Property Manager? 2017-05-11T06:12:43+00:00

A property manager is someone who manages all aspects of a rental property, from showing the property to prospective tenants to signing leases, to collecting rent, organizing maintenance and repairs and communicating with tenants, among other things. A property manager removes your requirement to communicate with tenants and acts as a middle entity, which often removes stressful situations between tenant and landlord. Feel free to contact us and we’d be happy to discuss our company’s services with you!

What services do you provide? 2017-03-15T22:21:49+00:00

We strive to offer flexible rental and property management services that fit the needs of our property owners. We work to treat and manage each property as if it were our own by providing assistance in leasing, accounting, maintenance and much more. For questions or concerns, please call (530) 757-2818 ext. 1 or you can click the link (insert link from blog) to view our blog site. We post various videos with helpful tips and assistance for property owners. **look at new owner documentation pdf for help answering question**